Posted on 2012-05-03 09:58:27 BJT, by Jason

Kritika is a typical 3-D manga action MMORPG, developed by Korean publisher HANGAME. Fortunately, our fans will be experiencing the game in future, because of Tencent's official announcement of Kritika's Chinese operation on its annual game press conference UP2012, March, 21.

By May, 24, Kritika will be entering CBT1 in Korea, HANGAME released two teasing trailers for fans. Kritika is featuring Auto Targeting and Chain Combo Action. Many hot-blooded moves can be performed by the exciting combo strikes. Kritika's Korean CBT1 lasts from May, 24 to 27. After given the official Chinese name and site, Kritika's Chinese beta date hasn't been announced yet.

Because of Kritika's Japanese animation graphics, Tencent came up with the idea to publish Kritika's comic books in China.