Posted on 2012-05-11 16:00:21 BJT, by Jason

Among Chinese game publishers, Tencent has the most shooting titles. Battery is one of the shooting titles that joined Tencent's lineup lately. It was developed by Korean publisher NHN Games, who is famous for developing the 3-D fantasy actioner Continent Ninth. The game is powered up by Unreal Engine 2.5. After acquired by Tencent, Battery was renamed as "the operation of flame". (in Chinese)


The game talks about the fictional worldwide war that takes place in near future. Many advanced military gears are added in the game. You can win a typical match by capturing all landmarks. In explosive mode, you can play the role as either the bomb sweeper or the terrorist, to outfox each other. In team death match, you need to do nothing but unleash your fire power towards your enemies.